Cabin Views / Rates

Our Rates:

Group Rates: From $30 per person / per night
Individual Cabin Rates: From $75 per night


The Lodge

Historical notes: Formerly a Doctor's Settlement Home. Built in the 1800's by Toccoa Creek.

stage coach

The Stage Coach Inn

Historical notes: Oldest building at Trembly Bald. Built around 1775. Moved from Antryville, SC and was once known as the "Temple of Health".


The Amos

Historical notes: Moved from Kentucky, and the only cabin with authentic Chestnut wood.

north springs

The North Springs

Historical notes: From Tennessee...found by the springs.


The Livingston

Historical notes: From an original settlement in Tennessee.

red top


Historical notes: Removed from the base of Currahee Mountain.

red boiling

The Red Boiling Springs

Historical notes: From Tennessee... found by bubbling hot spring.

red boiling

The Genesis

Historical notes: Built on site with logs from N. Sweden's old growth forest.